Allusondrugs – Leeds Wardrobe 29th November  

Not a day goes by when I check my social media feeds to find people describing the band they saw that night as “the next big thing”, or “future headliners”, so much so that it’s become a cliché, but what I saw tonight suggests that these five young lads from Castleford really are destined for big things.

Forget the fact they have been tipped by a major publication as one of the twenty hottest bands in the world, or the constant comparisons with Nirvana (you have to look twice at lead singer Jason Moules before realising that Kurt Cobain hasn’t risen from the grave), this band have an energy and a stage presence that suggests much bigger things to come, and not long to wait for it.


There’s an excitable sense of anticipation building at Leeds’ delightful Wardrobe venue as first support Forever Cult take the stage, an already sizeable crowd enjoying a raucous set from the Huddersfield trio. As second support, London’s Lyger step up to the plate the crowd has grown in number again, and most notably I count at least seven photographers taking up position in the compact club. Word is definitely getting round about the headliners, and plenty of people want to capture the moment.

Lyger leave the stage to huge appreciation as the crowd swells in readiness for the act they’ve all come to see. The photographers adjust their positions and check their settings before finally the band walk on to a massive roar from the assembled throng. The set opens with thunderous guitars and a mass of swirling hair as the band jump and bound around the stage giving us all a flavour of what is to come. The comparisons to Nirvana are evident, Moules screeching down the microphone as his dyed blonde locks cascade over his face, the crowd bouncing and raising their arms throughout the set in salute to the sweaty, pounding performance being presented to them.


A set that was peppered with songs that wouldn’t have been out of place in Seattle’s grunge clubs of the early 90’s includes previous releases “Nervous”, “I Should Have Gone To Uni”, and current single “Am I Weird?”, each track delivered with gusto and a raw energy that infects everyone in the club. This really is turning into a special night.

Nearly an hour into their performance, following multiple crowd surfs and a stage invasion, Allusondrugs eventually end with “Cherry Pie”, from their debut EP, Moules joining the crowd surfing much to the delight of those holding him aloft, and that’s exactly where this band should be, held up high as an example to other young bands making their first steps into the world of music.

This is a band who are not in it to get rich or famous, but simply for the love of what they do, but on tonight’s evidence, that fame and fortune may just be coming anyway.


Photos: Jonathan Jones/Rosie Jones

By Jonathan Jones

Jonathan has been host of new music radio show The First 45 on Sine FM in Doncaster for the past 4 years and has been covering a wide range of live gigs and festivals in that time, now turning his hand to writing as well as talking too much on air.