Last Thursday I cautiously made my way down what I think would be referred to as the back streets of somewhere near to Bethnal Green in search of the Girl Gang of which I have become a kind of honorary member over the past year – or so I like to think anyways.

Girl Gang was born out of a misinterpretation of the FILDAR song, ‘Cocaine’ by none other than Brit songstress Kate Nash. Mistaking the perfectly-punk shouty lyrics, “Cocaine running round in my brain” for “Girl Gang running round in my brain” Kate decided that Girl Gang sounded much better and so a cover version was recorded and a movement was born. Around this time, I met Kate and became familiar with all things Girl Gang thanks to a couple of interviews, a few gigs and a shed load of Twitter research.

Okay, maybe it was Twitter stalking but Kate’s new sound felt like a breath of fresh air and I was intrigued by her journey.

Kate is talented yet approachable, passionate but not bitter – she is magnetic – and I was eager to see her message of female empowerment and solidarity spread.

Enter Girl Gang TV.

EXCLUSIVE Kate Nash launches 'Girl Gang TV'

The event took place at the private London home and design studio of The Rodnik Band’s creator, Philip Colbert and his wife: artist and screenwriter, Charlotte Colbert, who say, “We love Kate’s creative vibe and think Girl Gang TV is a brilliant concept.”

Kate, who is a global force on the topic of feminism and wider political issues, is helming the YouTube channel as executive producer. Girl Gang TV serves as a platform to share ideas, touching on everything from music, fashion, politics, literature, arts, science, business, the environment and more. “I want to learn from other people and gain new perspectives on what’s happening in the world. I want to give voice to those that haven’t yet been given a microphone,” Kate says.

Kate went on to say, “I’ve collaborated with The Rodnik Band before and love the concept of using art and humour to spread a message. Girl Gang TV is a global initiative and we believe in equal rights, human rights and animal rights and will use the arts and our creativity to spread our message and encourage others to do so too.”

EXCLUSIVE Kate Nash launches 'Girl Gang TV'

After a quick introduction video to Girl Gang TV and one too many slices of pizza, Kate treated the intimate crowd to an acoustic performance of her album tracks, “Free my pussy” and “You’re so cool, and I’m so freaky” whilst we were surrounded by the sequinned delights of the Rodnik’s latest collection.

Sat huddled on the floor of the lovely Rodnik’s basement studio, the London crowd sang along with Kate and it was clear her transition from pop princess to political-punk Queen was complete.

Watch Kate Nash’s cover of FIDLAR’s song ‘Cocaine’ here: