Jesse Malin – Addicted (Single Review)

Jesse Malin’s new track, his first in five years, is about the “the spirit of music and its infectious nature.” To illustrate his point Jesse has created a song that has layers upon layers of catchiness. He starts it with a toe tapping drum beat, then a catchy bassline, then a  verse with a hell of a hook. Good point well made.

The track is dripping with that urban folk that made Jesse Malin’s name. The idea of living through hard times and tough changes; not only getting used to them and making the most of them, but becoming hooked on them for the elation that comes from getting over them. There’s a grit to it but also a friendliness, and a sense of inclusion and community. The more the merrier the track seems to say.

You can find Addicted on Jesse Malin’s new album, New York Before The War and is available on the 30th of March.