Hailing from the heart of Great Britain, Tomb Hazard are a Metal band with a mission. Combining crushing riffs with progressive structures the band brings new meaning to the word Apocalyptic, as they confidently brand themselves as “Apocalyptic Thrash!”


A young band brimming with talent and enthusiasm, their sound is precise and refined. What some of the tracks lack in vocals they make up for in raw musicianship and technicality. Hitting with the tenacity of 80’s metal, Tomb Hazard are slick yet hardcore- angry noisy Metal but with a rich and rocking melody. Top track has to be ‘Genes’ that is lyrical and punchy, it sounds like a magnificent melting pot of so many different genres and influences, from Punk to Rap- all combining to create this invigorating track.

A highly recommended listen, You can download the EP here now!


In pictures- We caught Tomb Hazard live at The Road House in Birmingham and were serenaded by their soul crashing Apocalypic Thrash in person, as great live as on the record, the show really was a joy.