Down Dog is a light hearted comedy from the writer of Men Behaving Badly about a sex crazed father who tries to reconnect with his son when he believes he is dying. The film starts with introducing you to Frank (Jason Durr) and shows you the place that he works and the lifestyle he leads. He works in the adult sex toy market and also leads a very wild (highly sexed) lifestyle. The beginning sees him on a night out with his boss, to me it conjures the image of a lower budget version of The Wolf on Wall Street with the antics they get up to. Mainly lots of alcohol and hitting on women. Low budget it may seem but it certainly does highlight just how much they like to party.

You then learn that Frank has a son and is therefore neglecting his fatherly duties. This opens up into the main storyline. After being told that he is going to die, Frank decides that he needs to reconnect with his son. This sees Frank try and bond with him by teaching him how to hit on girls and get their attention. Frank does however soon realise that he is not as great at it as he first thought and after bonding he starts to re-evaluate the time he has left.


The storyline is slightly predictable, mainly due to the fact that is is clear that Frank’s ex-wife wants him back and you can see that it is going to be a bad boy turned good plot, but that being said there are some very amusing moments. I found myself laughing out loud at some of the comments that Bill, Frank’s boss (Nick Moran) comes out with. OK yes he has a very sexist attitude and is a complete idiot but he is funny and some of the banter and in particular a fight that happens between them is quite funny.

Dylan Llewellyn plays the part of Sam (Frank’s son) very well.  Chetna Pandya  plays the part of Lizzie, a troubled rebellious teen with ease. She is Sam’s friend and Bill’s daughter.  In her scenes with Bill all they do is argue, as he constantly slates her, yet she somehow manages to keep her cool and make him look stupid.

Overall, it comes across as relate-able to anybody who has been in situation where their parents have been divorced, but throws in some nice comedic elements to show that it isn’t always that bad without making it a farce.