Alice & The Lovers - Valentine (EP Review)

Alice & The Lovers – Valentine (EP Review)

While listening to Alice & The Lovers the band plants seeds in your mind like distant memories of girl groups past. You’re reminded of post punk pioneers, new wave suffragettes, even Motown legends. They combine sultry harmonies with a sleazy rock sound as dirty as a pair of Converse worn in a thousand sweaty venues.

They take the often clean cut sounding and sanitised (by today’s standards) melodies and combine them with tantalising provocative lyrics. In Mother’s Bedroom they flirtingly skirt around the taboo and in Fucked Up they sing the title in the same way a 60’s group would croon the word “Baby.”

Alice’s voice has a bittersweet hush to it making each song seem hazy in its own way, like it’s the first song being heard after the alarm wakes you up in the morning. It would be a pleasant way to wake up though, gentle and soothing, reassuring and familiar. In fact, she may be taking the moniker Lovers slightly too literally.

Alice & The Lovers release their debut single and EP Valentine on Valentine’s Day.