Hey guys thanks for chatting with us, how’s it all going?
Terrible…the wine is finished

Excited about your upcoming tour?
Yes! We’re on it now. Very much fun with very fun people

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened at one of your gigs?
A 77 year old school teacher crowdsurfing in a restaurant in Berlin. After the gig he told me that he’d never got punk music the first time around, but after seeing us he did.

We recently spoke with the Bronx who also perform in a different style under the name Mariachi el Bronx. If you were to ever perform with a different style what direction do you think you’d take it
I’d say…Big band.

How about a different band name with the new direction?
Yes ok. Call us Tropical Cunt. We’ll play calipso music.

Has the new album changed style at all?
Time has changed us and that’s reflected in the music. It’s a continuation rather than a beginning so has an odour of the past while smelling fresh future.

If you could steal a song as your own, no questions asked, which song would you claim as your own?
Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac.

Do you think much of today’s music will be looked back with such fondness as we do with artists from the 60s?
Some yes, some no.

As this is the Christmas edition of the magazine. First of all, Happy Christmas! Second, what do you want for Christmas?
Thanks! I’d like an impressionist painting of a rat giving blood please.

Any Christmas songs for the set?
Yes, Let’s Die.

Your album is out in time for Christmas (Christmas 2015), if people already have it, what else would be a perfect stocking filler?
A homemade jam perhaps?