Back in the UK for the second time this year, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes arrived under the title of “The Jagermeister Tour”, bringing along in tow to our Leicester leg Capdown and The Skints.

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Decent supports but this night is all about The Gimmes. Sadly, but as to be expected the band was Fat Mike-less, but standing in as usual for the NOFX legend was Bad Religion star Jay Bentley. Jay is so super cool and just oozes confidence, actually all the guys are individually so interesting and charismatic you just don’t know who to watch: The humble and professional Joey Cape, Gimmes guitarist and Lagwagon frontman who chips in with wonderfully odd remarks throughout the evening; Powerhouse Dave at the back on drums smashing away with the biggest smile on his face; Scott Shiftlett, power-stancing and gurning it up on stage right, standing in on guitar for his brother (and Foo Fighter) Chris; or singer Spike, who prances around the stage like a Meerkat on speed, screaming out the tunes and seemingly pouring every once of passion and emotion into the performance.

459Glancing around a stage your eye always tends to settle on the front man, they’re dubbed that for a reason, and Mr Spike Slawson is truly a vision of a front man to behold. He brings boundless energy, a kooky style and unrivalled passion to the party. His performance has real guts, it’s Spike that carries these tracks from simple covers to the true punk rock anthems they’ve become.


The talent of this band seems needless to mention, with the collaborative various amazing and successful other projects the members are all part of, but the guys are true experts with their instruments (I could go with an innuendo but I’m moving past it..), they’ve honed their talents to a real finesse.

301The tunes are inexplicable. How they make you enjoy some of the tosh they’ve covered I’ll never know, they’ve turned covering songs into an art form. But each track, no matter how lame the original is blasted out with energy and momentum, you can’t stand still and listen to The Gimmes, it’s fucking impossible. The tunes are infectious, inspiring and invigorating.441If you haven’t heard of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes go find them! Watch videos on You Tube or check out their long list albums (latest addition “Are We Not Men, We Are Diva!”) and after falling in love with them- it’s inevitable, everyone will- go check them out live, it’s the best show you’ll ever see, and then look into Uke-Hunt, Lagwagon, Bad Religion and Re-volts. Educate yourself in Punk dude.367Oh! And P.S keep your eyes peeled for our interview with Spike & Joey which is coming soon!



By Kimberley Bayliss

Kimberley is Vulture Hound's Live Editor and a Photographer.