The Birmingham Institute. Thursday 11th December. Amazing triple header show.


There’s little that I can say about Marmozets that I haven’t said before. They’re amazing, they’re fresh and they’re destined for massive things, they’re so young and so talented with a sound so recognisable and a crazy energy to match it. Up first, they got the crowd immediately excited and the atmosphere they created was impressive. Whacking out some of our favourite tracks including “Why Do You Hate Me?” and “Captivate You” which went down to a great reception as did the lesser known album tracks that they included in their 45min set.

nice 183BLITZ KIDS

The Blitz Kids are young, earnest and kinda sweet. They do not claim to be anything more, or anything different to what they are, which is straight up Alternative Pop Rock. They managed to persevere and have a hit with their set even through an initially lacklustre crowd and seemingly hideous sound problems. They have a pleasant and inoffensive sound that anyone can take to. Having seen the boys several times before, they always put on a great live show, and they- as a unit- have an exciting collaborative charisma.


Never has a show so genuinely taken me aback like this night with Taking Back Sunday in Birmingham did. The band themselves are a rich tapestry woven of such great talent, each member bringing a style and a sophistication all their own to the party. And then there’s Adam. Subjectively speaking of course, there’s no beating Axl Rose as the best front man of all time, but Adam has a presence and a draw all of his own, he’s unlike anyone else, he’s just- well, he’s special. His pretty face and admirable physique completely aside, he’s magnetic, he performs with this whimsy- it’s almost Dickensian. He’s a story teller that makes even the most unlikely TBS fan stop and listen. You know when you’re sitting listening to a tune and for some reason- amazing song writing or you’re just in a thoughtful mood- you start to hear the words? Well, Adam and the boys performed each track like that. So you just felt it. You rarely hear the actual words, or are able to appreciate the content, in modern music, let alone at a live show, and that’s what make Taking Back Sunday so exponentially special.

Because of this emotional intense finesse the show was unsurprisingly supremely moving. At times the crowd just stood still because we were all in awe. Frozen to place by the complexity of emotion that the performers were pouring out onto the stage.
The amazing talent, performance and tracks aside, the band seemed to have an amazing bond and connection with both each other and the crowd, and so inevitably wonderful and sporadic banter ensued.

A Wonderful night, Marmozets, Blitz Kids and especially Taking Back Sunday– Thank you!

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By Kimberley Bayliss

Kimberley is Vulture Hound's Live Editor and a Photographer.