Starting with the kind of riff that would make you think Godzilla is swaggering his way to downtown Tokyo, Turbowolf must be talking about a fucking huge Rabbit’s Foot because it sounds like it’s stomping a crater in the earth’s crust. Big, loud guitars dominate the track as it transitions to a catchy riff in the chorus. The essence of simplicity, the musicians are united by a single sound and spend a moment out of sync.

The video itself sees what would happen if shamanistic tribesmen discovered 70’s psychedelic rock. I think they take to it rather naturally. The scene, choreographed by Striking Attitudes, looks wild, like an industrial take on an undeveloped wilderness. Strange creatures emerge from the shadows, like animals being attracted to a devil’s jamboree. The images create synergy with the primitive nature of the song, beastly and prehistoric.

Rabbit’s Foot is an animalistic trek through a surreal urban jungle, one that combines the primal nature of an uncivilised world with the electronic howl of living guitars.