Arrow Vs. Flash (Arrow Episode Review)

By watching this teaser you could get a very awesome idea into your head. That two super heroes have a fight and the only motivation is to find out which one of them would win. The simplicity of it is close to genius. And after all what more motivation do you need?

Unfortunately, the reality is a lot less interesting. Apparently, there is a bank robber who makes people go crazy. So, nobody really means any harm and no meaningful conflicts are built up. Also, its way too soon for this. It should happen after The Flash has had at least a full season under its belt.

But having said that, I think that the two programs these heroes represent have action in them so good that their clash will be a great one. Also, unlike every other Superhero fight that has ever taken place, there will be a definitive winner. Arrow, even though he would be the underdog in this scuffle (after all, the trailer people are right when they say Arrow doesn’t have any powers), will win out right. He’s by far the most senior hero, he’s a lot more experienced and Barry is the aggressor. He’s under a spell by a bad guy, so it’s obvious that he can’t win.

But that’s just my call. Who’s your money on?