The Walking Dead - Self Help (Episode Review)

OK, so I have managed to wake myself from the week long coma that the last episode put me in ahead of the next episode. Now I know that may sound harsh but I think it is fair. Unfortunately, to me, it feels like The Walking Dead has crossed over into the middle of the season slump it always has with a load of filler episodes.  

I think the reason I feel this is because after the whole Beth in the hospital episode this one started with so much promise. As they were sat on the bus on the way to DC, it felt like the calm before the storm. It certainly started that way when the bus was attacked by a load of walkers but then it didn’t really keep up any pace or momentum.  

In amongst the ‘action’ there were flashbacks to help you understand how Abraham got into the position of helping Dr Eugene get to DC, the thing is, I cant help but feel these didn’t work in this episode. Sure, you see why he is so highly strung but I don’t think he is a character that you are emotionally invested with enough to actually care about how he got there. If it was a flashback for Glenn or say Daryl then I think it would be a lot different. Even the flashbacks worked for Michonne because they were so crazy and she is a character that intrigues you to find out more. Sorry Abraham, I don’t mean to be cruel but I just didn’t find it interesting.  

In amongst the flashbacks, the group were fighting with each other (again) about which way they should go and what should be their next step. Again, I cant help feeling like this is just a recurring plot line where there isn’t a major development, but then again I suppose it was the plot line that led up to the big reveal that Dr Eugene doesn’t actually have the cure. Now, this in itself should be something that is quite shocking and makes you think, ‘what is going to happen next?’ but I think due to the episode being a bit dull it didn’t really have the shock factor it should have done. Then to top it off, there was another flash back of Abraham meeting Dr Eugene and sticking with him because he said he had a cure. Now, I know that this was meant to show that Eugene was really someone who has helped in the sense that Abraham didn’t take his own life but because you found out his secret in the present, it just raised the question of was there really a point to see the flashbacks?  

I, for one would like a lot more action and would like to find out more about people in the here and now rather than the past. It just seems like filler and not really important to the story line. Now, I don’t meant to be overly negative of The Walking Dead, I do enjoy it and without fail, I will watch it every week, but this episode to me felt like more of an endurance test rather than entertainment. So much so, that the next episode is set to feature Daryl and Carol and I am pinning all my hopes of it picking up again on that. Please oh please Walking Dead, don’t disappoint!