Another grim cold night for a gig, Wolverhampton is seemingly equally grim! Happy to get inside the room was cool and cosy and even lushed out with chandeliers! With a small stage and a packed in crowd, this night was set to get sweaty.



Introducing themselves to some and reaffirming their genius to others, Yashin were a hugely celebrated support on this Wolverhampton leg of the Wolves tour. With a decent chunk of the night taken for their own, they performed their own mini show- Yashin are similar to The Blackout with hardcore elements in their sound, and a duo of vocalists, but they have a unique sound, great presence and were a joy to watch.




With the power and energy one comes to expect from this sextet, The Blackout exploded into Wolverhampton’s Slade Rooms. Mixing the tunes up with favourites old and new the crowd knew every line. Genuinely a once in a lifetime type of band, The Blackout are special, and with every performance, every track, they capture lightning in a bottle. They’re like a rottweiler puppy, aggressive yet ridiculously enthusiastic. The new tunes are heavier, more hardcore, but they sit happily alongside the lighter songs, the more Pop Rock tracks like ‘Start The Party’, always keeping it interesting The Blackout are wonderfully versatile and throwing the odd bit of rap and slices of covers into the mix, the night was never dull.
A very rare occurrence, we stayed until the band bid farewell and left the stage, and on that note it was fair to say that we had a wonderful night.