An eager and sold out crowd awaited the impending Punk show on this cold night in Birmingham, with a surprising welcome addition to the merch stand we realise this is a show with a message, as Rise Against are opinionated and support various causes including the ocean protectors Sea Shepard, from whom you could support yourself via the pick up of a shirt from their table etc.



Emily’s Army apparently also now known as Swimmers were the first band of the night and were fun and melodic. They have definitely improved in their live performance since we caught them at Leeds Festival in the summer, as they were causing quite a stir in the crowd considering how left-field an act they seemed for that particular nights crowd.

Around for over twenty years, Pennywise are Gangsta Punk legends, and they tore up the Birmingham 02 Academy like not only that it was their show, but they were the show- of all time. With swagger and attitude these guys really have a presence and their tunes are infectious.

As deep, intellectual and meaningful as you could possibly like your Punk, Rise Against are a step above that. Bringing their effervescent Punk Rock to Birmingham on November 6th this quartet really come with a message and full of ethical intention. With a stunningly simple set-up on stage the show was raw, authentic yet still spectacular.