Ricky Horror, Motionless In White (Interview)

Ghost, ghouls and metallers were out in force on Halloween at Bristol’s Anson Rooms to welcome the opening night of the co-headling tour of Motionless in White and Lacuna Coil with support coming from Dani Filth’s latest venture, Devilment. Before the show which featured great stage shows and festive pumpkin suits I was able to catch up in a stairwell with Motionless in White‘s very jet lagged but super friendly axeman Ricky Horror

Welcome back to the UK, tonight’s show is the first night of your co-headline tour with Lacuna Coil. Are you looking forward to the tour, what is your favourite thing about being in the UK?
I am very much looking forward to the tour, I think it’s going to be really fun for us especially with the diverse fans with us, Lacuna Coil and Danny’s new band (Devilment) has.
My favourite thing about the UK is probably just the fans! Every time we come here its like we are playing at home, its crazy!

You have travelled much of the world already, which country has the craziest fans and what is the strangest request someone has asked any of you?
Craziest fans are probably South America, we were there and they are like zombies, its insane! We were sitting on our bus heading to the venue and people we just banging on the sides, it was crazy! We’ve signed a prosthetic leg before, that was pretty weird, but that’s probably the most out there one


The new album “Reincarnate” dropped in September – how does it compare to your other full length records (Creatures in 2010 & Infamous in 2012), and are you please with its reception?
I think that its better than everything else we’ve ever done, this album to me is more mature and well rounded whereas other ones were different styles put together – this albums like you are listening to a full album instead of something that could be one band or a different band. I like it more cause of that. As far as I know, the press is really good! I’ve heard both negative and positive things from fans but I’ve never seen anything personally that say that its not liked.

So the band are from Scranton, Pennsylvania – the are seems to be a hub of producing successful bands (The Menzingers, The Holy Mess & Tigers Jaw to name of few), how would you describe your home to people who haven’t visited and do all the bands cross paths at some point or another?
Umm I don’t, when we go home, I don’t want to leave my house! I like to sleep and relax. We don’t typically cross paths which is surprising as the town we live in is quite small. I feel I run into everyone. Its a real small area, back in the 1900’s it was a coal mining city but now that’s not there its like a little town in the valley of two mountains. I like it!

Today’s gig is on Halloween which is pretty awesome! What was Halloween like for you as a kid?
When I was really young I just to go trick or treat with my parents around the neighbourhood but as I turned older it ended up in going to friends houses, hanging out and watching horror movies. I knew people that would go out and cause mayhem, throwing toilet paper on houses and stuff.

So after the European tour, what should we expect next from Motionless in White?
Umm… after this tour we do a really short run with HIM in December. We will be off then for a few months and back out in February/March but I don’t think I can say who with yet?!



1. Favourite record of all time?
Man, that’s a hard one! I dunno, I don’t think I have just one favourite album…

2. Who haven’t you played with that you want to and who are your favourite band to play shows with?
I’ve always wanted to tour with HIM, I’ve listened to them for forever and we are going out with them which is really exciting for me. I’ve always wanted to tour with Cradle of Filth and we are kinda there and as a band we have always wanted to tour with Slipknot which hasn’t happened yet, but I keep my fingers crossed! That’s my top 3.
Probably The Ghost Inside. Our music, interest and styles are different from them but for whatever reason we get together and we are best friends!

3. Favourite movie of all time?
Another hard one… umm.. probably Sleepy Hallow. I used to watch it every day and it was in my DVD player all the time.

4. If you had a superpower what would it be & how would you use it?
I’d probably like to be invisible then I can go to places like Area 51 and really see what’s there. If I wanted to rob a band I could just walk in and do it!

5. Three dream dinner guests? Dead or Alive...
Edgar Allan Poe. I don’t know if id pick anyone alive.

6. What is everyone’s worst habits on tour?
Most annoying is snoring, it drives me insane! After that its being confined for so long in a small area you can just get on each others nerves after a while and after a few weeks we want to kill each other which has led to some interesting experiences, but that’s a different story.

Thanks for your time, Ricky!