Invited into the secret hub of the Midlands’ music scene, Arch Studios, we caught a glimpse of local favourites Exile84 preparing for their upcoming run of shows. Recognisable by their collective wardrobe featuring more leather than a DFS showroom, Exile84 definitely have a look of their own! Band practise seems like the highlight of the week for these guys as banter immediately ensues when they are all together. This quintet are the true working class heroes of music as they slug away with both their day jobs and the band just for the love of the music. With the integral Rock n Roll staple of numerous tea breaks aside, the evening was spent practising and refining tracks, and putting the final touches to a new song. The passion and talent of the band is evident more so in this private environment. They’re not performing, they’re stood in a circle, enjoying playing the music that they created with their friends.

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Exile84 are in the process of writing and recording their first full length album,and so another night was spent in the studio with them whilst they laid down vocals for ‘Don’t Break Me’. The newest addition to the Exile catalogue is lead by female powerhouse vocalist Abby, it’s raw, powerful and lyrically frank, which are all things you come to expect from this band. This being only the second song to be finished, the band expect the album to be ready sometime next year. With three talented and completely different vocalists you can expect something different from every Exile song as they take it in turns to lead tracks, yet when blended together the voices weave a crazy-special tapestry of sound.

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The last night with Exile84 was spent travelling to Sheffield’s The Hop, a cool bar that hosts music events, and a favourite of the bands’ due to their Meat Pies! On a bill of five acts there was something for everyone as we heard Hardcore, Experimental and some genre-undefinable tunes. After spending the week with these peeps, and becoming a fan of their music, I was still surprised at how they turned it on for a proper performance. Seeing your friends (if they don’t mind me calling them that..!) transforming into rock stars in front of you is pretty amazing. The humble venue surroundings disappearing around us, we could have been anywhere, no doubt they could rock a venue one hundred times this size. Every member of the band is performing so authentically, not for the audience, but just their natural reaction to playing music, from the crazy screaming drummer Tom in the back, to Bassist Ash grooving away in a world of his own to Abby dancing like no one’s watching you don’t quite know who to watch. The boys Andy and Dave take the main focus though with their soulful, husky singing and magnetic presence as they carefully make love to their guitars on stage.
The Exile sound is an amalgamation of so many musical genres, and of five individuals, with different tastes. Impossible to nail down their sound is different, there’s no one like them and in today’s saturated music industry that is quite an amazing feat.

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A big thanks to Exile84 for a lovely week, they are a real hard working, dedicated band, that are truly talented and deserve some recognition. Check them out now on Facebook and Soundcloud.

You can catch Exile84 at one of their upcoming shows…

~19th December at The Vic Inn, Derby.
~27th December The Wetmore Whistle, Burton.

So get down there!

Exile84 interview to follow shortly! Keep your eyes peeled..