Nightmare Festival (Review)

The Halloween themed festival returns for another year of spooky songs and audacious acts. Camden High Street will host over one-hundred bands in twenty venues. And what well-chosen venues they were. Acoustic acts played in pubs where you could take a break from the music and chow down on stodgy, meaty grub; perfect for lining you stomach for the day. Speaking of beer, it was plentiful. Every venue had a great mixture of economical favourites as well as god crafted luxury.

The first band we saw was Hunter & The Bear in The Hawley Arms. A rugged looking bunch of lads, their music was a cross Atlantic tour of English folk and American country. One minute you were thinking their biggest influence is Mumford & Sons, the next minute Lonestar.

The provocatively titled Jesus Fucking Christ was the next act we saw and it couldn’t be any more different to the rustic story telling of Hunter & The Bear. JFC is a much more obtuse act. Heavy distortion and almost no organic sound; JFC’s music is a nightmarish trip into a surreal landscape. Are they vocals? Or satanic incantations?

Reverted rounded off my Nightmare experience and they had a cathartically aggressive take on metal. Shredding the life out of those guitars and the vocalist had a roar on him that could have raised the dead.

Nightmare was a journey through the beautiful landscape of music that wasn’t afraid to delve deep into its dark heart. Can’t wait for next year.