‘Tragedy + Time’ is a lyrically powerful guitar-driven track from Rise Against’s newest record, The Black Market.

Frontman Tim Mcllrath brings his signature raspy crooning to the emotional tune, chanting, “When faced with tragedy, we come alive or come undone.” The music brings an upbeat feel to a painful topic, sending a ‘look on the bright side’ message through both the melody and the lyrics.

The song begins with a plucky guitar riff that is almost cheerful but slowly turns more serious with a positive tone. The music exudes an optimistic take on the emotions felt when dealing with the impact of a tragedy. The lyric, “We’re holding on to laugh again someday,” sticks out as the main significance throughout the song. Although dealing with misfortune, they are conveying that eventually everyone is able to move on. The track finishes with the last line, “We all learned to laugh again,” giving some closure to the lyrical significance after a drawn out, hard-hitting break down.

The emotion is clearly felt by the listener, both due to the way the lyrics are vocalized and because the composition is so powerful. The track is driven by that emotional significance and sends the message loud and clear with a beautifully written melody.