New Girl Season 3 (DVD Review)

Sometimes when a program tries to give you more of what you want it can devolve into self-parody. New Girl has always been about whimsy, sentimentality and the reckless, irrational and unexplainable nature of love. Obviously, to the outside observer, for New Girl to get any more whimsical, sentimental or irrational, the program would have to tar and confetti itself with glittery sequins. But for anyone actually watching New Girl, you may realise that the further the program gets away from sanity, the more comfortable it becomes in its own skin.

New Girl has always been about escaping from reality. About breaking away from whatever holds you down, doing your own thing and not caring about what ever anyone else thinks. Yes you might want to punch Schmidt in the mouth more than once an episode, but he never stops being him. This is why audiences begrudgingly find him endearing and refrain from kicking their television in whenever he’s on screen.

The new series cashes in on the two seasons of development it took for Nick and Jess to finally become official; Schmidt is stringing both Cece and Elizabeth along; and Coach returns to what will hopefully be a full time role. Highlights in the series include a Thanksgiving spent in the wilderness, Jess’s sister comes to town and Prince brings out the funniest moments in everyone.

New Girl Season 3 is as colourful, bright and joyful as you could possibly want. It’s silly, slapstick and soppy as hell, but it does it with all the charm you’d expect from a program that has Zooey Deschanel’s finger prints all over it.