With brilliant support from the interesting Mooseblood and the up-and-coming Fort Hope, Coventry enjoyed a night full of tunes, The Kasbah was sold out and packed to the spike-ridden rafters.


326A good chunk of the crowd were there just for Frank. The supporting bands were there anticipating Frank. Even Mallory Knox, the headliners themselves were super interested in seeing Frank.

One of everyones favourites from the biggest modern Punk band of the 21st century My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero is out with his solo project, Frank Iero and The Cellabration.
336Shuffling onto the stage like an unsure roadie, this unsuspecting figure picks up a guitar and with little preamble starts jamming and wailing away. Wearing matching hi-tops and cardigan Frank is a unique character, but transformed into a star the minute he touched his guitar. He may not be the front-man everyone looks for, but to me he plays it perfectly. Introverted, thoughtful and painfully raw, Frank feels every word and shoots that right at you. Coming out not as “Frank Iero” but as one of a four piece band, this wasn’t a solo performance, the rest of the band in their own right were magnetic and powerful and the perfect accompaniment to Franks unique stylings.

Alternative, classic, emotional, deep, meaningful, lyrical, vocal-focused. These are all ways you could describe Mallory Knox‘s sound. But at a live show- how they make you feel? That’s simply indescribable.528Sat in the photopit with camera in hand the first track hits in and I’m gone, then realise- “Oh shit, I’m supposed to be photographing.. Nah maybe I’ll just sit here and watch them” Haa. Mixing the tunes up, alternately premièring new album tracks and then whacking out a fan favourite, of which there are many, the set-list was expertly written and kept the crowd, both die hard and middle of the road fans equally ecstatic.

550On the stage with grace and a remarkable collaborative presence the guys were ON IT, and with instrumental clarity and Mikeys’ remarkable, unique vocals the MK show was truly a pleasure to behold.
650Mallory Knox‘s new album ‘Asymmetry’ is out now, check it out. And we caught them on the first night of an epic tour, check the dates out now, not every show is sold out yet, but I’d expect it to be soon enough!