With help from supports from Xcerts, Twin Atlantic put on quite a show in Birmingham on Saturday 1st November.
The crowd was a surprising mix of people of all ages and seemingly all walks of life, who appeared to be real fans, in the air of the room you could feel how this created a real tangible excitement.


Calling themselves Distorted Pop, Xcerts  brought an authentic performance to the night, no bravado, no falsities, just a fresh interesting performance and some nice tunes. With new music currently out, keep your eyes out for these guys as they are bound to be due a surge of popularity. 127

Another band supported by mammoth (relatively) new label Red Bull Records it’s unsurprising that Twin Atlantic have exploded on the British Rock scene this past 12 months. Apparently allowing their artists power and freedom you can guarantee when you see the RBR stamp on a band that you are seeing the true artists and not a manufactured corporate output. Having paid their dues supporting massive acts like Blink 182, My Chemical Romance and Limp Bizkit, Twin Atlantic have taken the UK by storm having sold out most of their shows of the bigger rock venues they’ve played on this tour. After the UK the Scots continue on to the rest of Europe and then are off to America!

31Honestly, with their middle of the road rock this wasn’t a highly anticipated show for us, but boy did these guys turn that opinion around. The anticipation they built before coming on-stage with the Queen sing-along was genius, and genuinely the best crowd participation ever witnessed. When they did take to the stage the crowd was electric and they hit into track after track of catchy, inspiring, often goose-bump inducing tunes. 8The night and show was rather epic- it was special, in XFactor terms the guys really had “A Moment” on that stage, and from now on Twin Atlantic will be listened to with very different ears.

By Kimberley Bayliss

Kimberley is Vulture Hound's Live Editor and a Photographer.