Live Review: Suicide Silence, Thy Art Is Murder, Fit For An Autopsy & Black Tongue (London Koko, November 21st).

Friday saw a death metal juggernaut of a bill roll in to London with the Suicide Silence’s biggest UK headline tour to date. The final leg of the shows was at the beautiful London Koko and Vulture Houndwas there to cover it.
Sometimes early doors cause a logistic problem but not tonight, the healthy crowd eagerly wrapped round The Koko were let in from the rain and were greeted by Hull’s Black Tongue. This band could literally move mountains with their sound – their sound was so heavy, whipping the early birds into a frenzy of circle pits and scream-a-longs. Watch out for these guys, we will be seeing them again I’m sure.

blacktongue_2 blacktongue_1

Next up were New Jersey’s Fit For An Autopsy – singer Cade Armstrong stalked the stage like an asylum patient looking for his next victim with an energetic performance from the boys behind him delivering further crushing breakdowns and rib cage shattering bass lines (as myself and another photographer both concurred with after the set!)

fitforanautopsy_1 fitforanautopsy_2

Main support for the evening was from Sydney, Australia’s Thy Art Is Murder. Under the cover of darkness lead growler Chris “CJ” McMahon took the stage with a hooded jacket done up full tilt with the hood covering most of his face and holding his arms out like a Grim Reaper messiah swarming his people in around him. This added to the atmosphere and sent the crowd crazy in anticipation. If I didn’t know Suicide Silence was next you could have been easily fooled into thinking TAIM were the headliners. This band do not mess about with an intense stage presence, not only does CJ join the crowd on the barrier later in the set but he also chooses to climb the PA rigging for short time. The set was triumphant and flew by with the conclusion seeing CJ fall in the arms of his followers screaming “I AM HELL” from the song “Reign of Darkness”. I was on one of the many balcony’s to see this and it was an impressive sight. Darkness then falls…

thyartismurder_1 thyartismurder_2


Queue Suicide Silence. Little be known to me that this show was being streamed live on their iPhone & Android app (if anyone reading this knows where I can see it then please holla), Suicide Silence enter this arena which is now more little a battle zone on tipping point than a regal theatre in the heart of London and from the opening scream the venue just erupted. SS are showcasing their latest album “You Can’t Stop Me” which is the first with Eddie Hermida (ex All Shall Perish) on vocals since the tragic early passing of former frontman Mitch Lucker in 2012. Eddie moves about the stage almost like he is floating with energy, sucking in the joy of the crowd. SS throw powerful heartfelt aggression at the Koko with the band’s chemistry absolutely perfect. Midway through the set we see Eddie the last man standing as the whole of the band behind him (drummer aside) conclude a song on their backs like they’d been brutally taken out.


Suicide Silence’s biggest UK headline tour to date has proved to be a huge success, the venue was buzzing, the bands all seemed buzzing and having a great time… onwards for them to mainland Europe.


By Olly Hanks

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