Little comets graced The Leadmill stage in Sheffield for a night full of raw emotion and lyrical brilliance. In a set spanning their illustrious 5 year career – set to rapidly accelerate again with the current UK tour and imminent album release – the band played all of their singles alongside a raft of new material. The fans lapped up favourites such as ‘Jennifer‘ and ‘Joanna‘ while newer releases such as ‘The Blur…’ allowed for the band to showcase both their vocal and instrumental influences; switching throughout their set.

Beginning proceedings were local band Polkadodge. Later revealed as a last minute addition, the band revelled in the experience and played a stellar set that is set to further increase anticipation of future releases. The rapport the band built with the crowd in such a short set was evidently lapped up and they seem to be a band on the up. Be sure to check them out online, with ‘Laughing in Spanish’ a personal highlight of the set. The expectancy for Little Comets was building rapidly, with the crowd ready for the highlight of the night.

Little Comets set got off to a tough start with the failure of Mickey’s guitar mid song a difficult beginning to procedures. Despite this setback and with Mickey clearly shaken, Rob laughed off the atmosphere change and instead set out on a quite brilliant acoustic rendition of ‘Woman Woman’, a clearly unplanned yet significantly incredible moment early in the set – a personal highlight. The crowd clearly warmed to Rob’s charms and intense vocal range, with the humorous “I thought ‘One Night in October’ had finally broken him”, breaking the ice of the situation and enlightening Mickey from his clear unrest in the process.

The band set out on a trailblazer of a set that captured their finest moments and singles with a sheer energy and deliverance that would rival the passion of any other group. The intense relationship between the band members is evident throughout and only adds to the empathy that they emit. The fan-favourite ‘Dancing Song’ went down a storm with the crowd, immediately changing the poignant and thoughtful atmosphere into one of utter delight and delirium. The band have mastered the difference between emotions throughout their career span and the immediate differentiation between these emotions is one of the highlights of the bands live performances.

As the show came to a close, Rob addressed the crowd and attempted to apologise for the technical difficulties and original postponement. Roars and cheers encapsulated the room and the crowd encompassed the very spirit that Little Comets attempt to convey; the emotion and sheer delight at the performance had culminated into a rapturous and synergetic appreciation of a band so close to many peoples morals and values. A brilliant night; one that showcases the attitude, determination and drive of the band.