Out with their first single from their much anticipated upcoming seventh album, Post-Hardcore Welsh legends Funeral For A Friend introduced new video ‘1%’ to the world yesterday. Check it out for yourself below.

The video is subtle and moving and really resonates with the track and it’s lyrics, which are as complex and meaningful as ever. A step away from previous track ‘You’ve Got a Case of The Bad Religions’ ‘1%’ is a hearty track, which fans have come to expect from a good FFAF album. Having said that both tracks- all Funeral tracks for that matter- are full of heart, it’s pure feeling, if it wasn’t for the ridiculously lame and negative connotations labelling them this would bring, I’d call them ‘Emo’, because they’re music is so brimming with emotion. Not your usual alternative tosh, FFAF bring music that you listen to and lose yourself in, and a good Funeral album never gets old.

Massively happy with this second track, I for one am ecstatic that Funeral are back and I am GAGGING to see them perform this live asap.

The album ‘ is out January 19th and this single is available as an instant download when you pre-order the album.