Trailer Watch: Ex Machina

Alex Garland, writer of ‘The Beach’, ‘Dredd’ and ‘Sunshine’ writes and directs the intriguing looking pscyho-drama ‘Ex Machina’

Domhall Gleeson stars as Caleb, a programmer invited by scientist Nathan (Oscar Isaac) to analyse his new work. His new work happens to be an incredibly sophisticated AI named Ava (Alicia Vikander). What begins as a straight forward process of analysis turns into something more sinister as Ava becomes more sentient. Soon it seems Caleb can’t tell whether to trust Nathan’s methods or reasons or whether he is being seduced by Ava.

Shot in a style that looks a little reminiscent of the opening act of Spielberg’s ‘A.I. Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Ex Machina’ looks like a highly enjoyable three hander with all three leads looking on great form, particularly Isaac’s who is just having a damn fine year.

It looks beautiful and dark. We’re in. Join us in the queue to see it when it’s released in the UK January 23 2015.