Trailer Watch: Blackhat

Michael Mann hasn’t  directed anything of note since the now decade old Collateral. Miami Vice was a real “what were you thinking” moment and Public Enemy really could have used a less distracting shooting style. Based on this trailer, I’m not sure Blackhat is going to be what his fans are looking for. It stars Chris Hemsworth as a genius computer hacker who is the only person able to find the identity of a digital terrorist targeting the banks of America and China. He’s one hell of an attractive hacker. 6”2, with the gym toned body of a shiny golden god, I’m not sure I know anyone like this in real life, let alone an obsessive IT type. There’s more than a hint of Borne in this trailer. There’s a chase for a criminal mastermind, it takes a tour of the world’s most glamorous locations and there’s an awful lot of office politics going hand in hand with the espionage action. It looks like Mann must have been trying to make hacking look interesting for five minutes before he gave up and said “Ah to hell with it! Let’s just do The Di Vinci Code!”