The Blackout - Wolves (Video Review)

The Blackout has created a hard rock, anthemic EP that will blow the minds of all rock fans out there. Not usually a rock fan myself, I find myself head banging to this track of their entitled EP Wolves.Consisting of Gavin Butler, Sean Smith, James Davies, Matthew Davies, Ryhs Lewis and Gareth Lawrence these guys from South Wales know how to rock it till the houses come down.

Wolves has a dynamic sound that is the epitome of a wolf, a wolf is a scary animal that commands the presence of it’s pray. Whereas the music commands the presence of the listeners.  Reminiscent of a pumped up version of Paramour, they dare to do what no other rock group have done before.

Their music video is rather dramatic, I particular enjoy the section in the video where they are holding torches and run towards the camera. It is very theatrical, with balls of light coming out of nowhere. The video is packed with adventure and lots of movement, almost as if you are running with them, you become engaged in the story and apart of the band as they run around the forest.  It is as if rock met Robin Hood and his merry men, the music video is action packed.

It ends with the stream of light flying into the darkness so all we see at the end is black. You become immersed with The Blackout, becoming like Wolves as one of the pack.

Wolves EP is available here