Do you remember just three years ago when the established British press seemed to be crumbling around our ears?

News of the World gone. Then there was Leveson. Then that went. And things seem to be ticking along again.

Confirmed “recovering tabloid hack” Rich Peppiatt turns the tables on the red-top news editors by staging Michael Moore-esque situations and turning the focus on their own hypocrisy.

rogue 2

Building on a comedy routine developed at the Edinburgh Fringe, Peppiatt has assembled a fine group of interviewees including former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, Hugh Grant, Steve Coogan, philosopher AC Grayling and John Bishop to bash the press and speak about their own experiences dealing with tabloid hacks.

Some might see ‘One Rogue Reporter’ as a further attack on an industry that’s still trying to dust itself off. Others may see it as a cathartic kick in the crotch to people who treat the press as their own personal score settler and peep hole.

‘One Rogue Reporter’ is released in cinemas November 7th and VoD on December 10th.

There will be a special screening at Curzon Soho on November 10th featuring a Q&A with Hugh Grant & other special guests.


By Michael Dickinson

Michael is the VultureHound Film Editor.