It has only taken 9 years, but Lagwagon are back with ‘Hang’ the bands ninth studio album and everything you would expect from Joey Cape and the rest of the boys. Produced by Cape the album is 39 minutes of melodic hardcore skate punk with a darker edge that some fans might not be used to. “It’s less of the ’90s punk rock style we’re known for. But this is the record my band wanted and needed to make” says Cape. This new edge, creates a sounds not dissimilar to the Foo Fighters (when they weren’t playing stadium rock) or early Queens of the Stone Age.

It is an album that the band are clearly proud of “This is the first record we’ve made in the history of the band that we wholeheartedly agree that we want to play every single song on the record live,” says Cape. The album is solid, with stand out tracks including ‘Obsolete Absolute’, ‘Reign’, ‘The Cog in the Machine’ and ‘One More Song’ which is written about Joey Cape’s late best friend Tony Sly (No Use For A Name) who died days after playing the final show on the pairs acoustic tour. “The last few days we were on tour together, he was writing a song and he played it for me and it was amazing,” says Cape about the song’s inspiration. “What happened to that song? I can’t remember it. I can’t recall it well enough to say “This is the last song Tony wrote.”

‘Hang’ is out 28th October on Fat Wreck Chords, and is available to pre-order on the Fat Wreck website or purchase on iTunes. The band are touring extensively throughout November in the US.