Enthusiastic middle-aged mums aside this was a great authentic rock show. Each band was different and held their own, keeping the night constantly fresh and interesting, rather than having two supports likened to the head-liners, The Subways went left field with their choices.

1 5 Days Of November are a duo bringing a massive sound, and a surprisingly full and powerful one at that, the tunes, one song after the other was epic. They really deserve proper success, and having a duo (Royal Blood) currently making massive waves on the scene at the minute, the path may be settling ready for them. This was the third time we saw 5 Days, and they seem to be quickly maturing as a band. Young and fresh the guys need to squish their modesty and embrace their inner rock star, as surely big things are to follow..


Max Raptor take to the stage with the force of a train, immediately hitting into their anthemic punktastic gutsy chant like tunes. Feeling like the start of a movement, Max Raptor can stand shoulder to shoulder with comparisons to the likes of Enter Shikari, Rage Against The Machine and Gallows, having said that they still stand strong and alone, with their energy, youth and power being their best attributes. Crowd favourites they really brought the place alive, you can anticipate a great show when these guys grab the head-liner slot.


The Subways were an unexpected joy on this grim night in Derby. Being fans of the supports, for us the head-liner was a welcome treat. With their infectious enthusiasm, these three are the happiest rock stars you’ll ever come across. Add to that their kooky songs, witty banter and crowd participation, they really did put on a great show. These three guys controlled the room, and created an electric ambiance with their obvious love for what they do and their magnetic presence.7

Not really Punk in sound, but in attitude? The Subways (massive smiles aside) are pure Punk, shunning the tradition of an encore, which has always been a personal pet peeve (-why feign leaving the stage, and pretend to be spur of the moment when I can see on your setlist you have three songs all ready planned for end of show..) as it’s so NOT rock’n’roll- frontman Billy said they’re going to just go straight into the last songs as we’re obviously not stupid and know the deal. That was greatly appreciated, and so after a stage dive the night was done. And off into the moist midlands air we all fled..



By Kimberley Bayliss

Kimberley is Vulture Hound's Live Editor and a Photographer.