Asking Alexandria (Live Review)

On Thursday night, Nottingham’s Rock City saw a sold out crowd arrive for a night of new hardcore rock. As seems to be the way in current times the crowd was mostly teens, mostly boasting shirts emblazoned with the nights upcoming acts.

hi2  After a proper cock up with the door timings we (and many others) missed the first support act Secret, so the first band we saw hit the stage were Crown The Empire. Present in a saturated genre, CTE bring a new tenacity to hardcore with their dual front-men and aesthetic appeal. Immediately finding the crowd hungry and receptive the guys rocked it and performed a flawless set, leaving the stage glorious like the gig was theirs.



Second up were The Ghost Inside who may have come out as a shock to the young crowd, as a proper manly rock band, but the crowd quickly warmed up and accepted them with open arms. With a real rawness and undeniably awesome sound these fellas rocked the house, officially denouncing the show as a real rock show.


Asking Alexandria seem to be the big thing to hit the UK rock scene of late. We went to check out for ourselves if they are worth the hype. With a slick looking backing band, front-man Danny really stood out in his cardi, cowboy hat and boots alongside his flag adorned mike-stand and stage-front (poser) fan. The tunes were surprisingly hardcore, with the edge being towards the “post”-hardcore genre. They are an audible combination of influences from modern nu-metal like Slipknot and Avenged Sevenfold to classic rock acts like Guns N Roses and even sleaze like Skid Row. One song after the other felt skilled and honed to perfection, although undoubtedly still not to everyones taste. The crowd were electric and were signing along hard to every lyric. Danny especially has a true presence, perhaps his unique style adds to that magnetism. With their great Melodic Rock sound, and the ability to create a spectacular atmosphere Asking Alexandria can only go onwards and upwards.