‘I am a man’ is the brilliantly messy new single from Madrid based trio ‘The Parrots’.

You could be forgiven for thinking you were listening to something Alex Turner might have done back in his ‘Last Shadow Puppet’ days on an initial listen with similar strong guitar riffs and brash, loud drum beats.

The sound is hard-hitting with a smorgasbord of brazen instruments pounding your ears from the get-go for a fresh, energetic sound.

Some of the instruments do tend to slightly overlap each other at times and the song works best when it focuses on one particular sound such as the pulsating guitar work rather than trying to merge them all together at once.

The Parrots are proof that there are some truly talented bands outside of our usual comfort zone that Britain and America monopolizes.

With an impressive list of live shows in London, Paris and native Madrid already under their belt, they will certainly be a band to look out for.

Ahead of their upcoming new album, which has yet to get a release date, the threesome have released a fittingly boyish music video, directed by Deers frontman Carlotta Cosials, which has just enough debauchery and occasional cigarette usage to slip under the hollow ‘mainstream’ label.