Funeral for a Friend - You've Got a Bad Case of the Religions (Single Review)

Persistent Welsh rockers Funeral for a Friend have announced the follow up to 2013’s Conduit, Chapter and Verse, which will stick to tradition of an album every two years when it is released on January the 19th, 2015.

Acting as a starter before the main meal is You’ve Got a Bad Case of the Religions, a title that almost takes as long to say as the song does to finish, and is unlikely to win fans amongst those afflicted with faith. As it is far from the best the band have contributed to the industry, it’s perhaps for the best that it’s so short. Spending most of its time out of sync with itself, everything starts to fit just as it starts to end.

Attempts at rubbing shoulders with the charts were well and truly annihilated with 2008’s Memory and Humanity, which has been largely forgotten by pretty much everyone. Since the departure from easier listening, things have since been slightly more raw and untamed. This is stepping it up a level. Singer Matt Davies-Kreye’s vocals almost seem like they’re stopping and starting, like how you’d read something that has a full stop after every word. Guitars sound like they’re fighting each other while the drums are pounded with such force that they’re overpowering everything.

If things follow the path laid out here, Chapter and Verse will have more in common with Conduit than anything else. It’s heavy, shouty and choppy. Applause has to be given for evolving, Hours– the most fondly remembered of their work – had its time in 2005; the line-up and style has since changed. If the response to the album next year is largely negative, at least there won’t be a long wait for the follow-up.

To accompany the new album, there will also be a headline UK tour in the same month. Tickets on sale October 3rd.