Trailer Watch: The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Wow. I knew the first one was successful, but a sequel? Really? OK then. The first was harmless fun. It was inoffensively witty with some pleasant comedic performances to it. Old people like films too you know, and they can’t keep watching re-runs of Casablanca over and over again. Mind you though, just because it’s made for a more mature audience, doesn’t mean it won’t pander to the “gang’s all here” culture plagued by so many ensemble sequels. There’s even a roll call to make sure nobody died in between movies. Why there’s a roll call to ensure the survival of the world’s healthiest looking set of pensioners I’ve no idea. For God’s sake Celia Imrie’s only 62! Perhaps this film is looking slightly less harmless as the first. It does show some signs of sequelitis (does it really need an attractive looking American in it?), but let the old dears have their fun, eh?