Trailer Watch: Nightcrawler

Now this is interesting. A film that takes on the world of underground L.A. crime journalism, and the callous attitude of those churning the 24 hour news cycle. Jake Gyllenhall stars as a man desperate for a job who stumbles upon a camera crew prowling the streets of Los Angeles, looking for bloody stories to sell to news networks. His character is somewhere between the sociopathic schmoozer of Christian Bale in American Psycho, and the narcissistic go-getter of Mark Whalberg’s Pain & Gain. He’s a sleazy, self-promoting, unscrupulous loner who invades the homes of murder victims and tampers with bodies at the scenes of crimes. As ugly as his character is, the city he inhabits is just as beautiful. Shot in a way that give the city lights a hazy, ethereal glow, the film seems to be set in an eternal state of midnight, to reflect the darkness of the characters intentions. While the plot of the film remains unclear, the elements its using to tell its story appear good enough to keep me interested.