Trailer Watch: Men, Women and Children

The first thing you’ll be asking yourself after having viewed this trailer is, “Is it all going to be like this?” Men, Women and Children is a film about people’s sexual frustrations and isolation in the digital age. The trailer echoes their loneliness by never letting them utter a word. Rather, their dialogue is uttered through internet comments and instant messages. The way the film represents these conversations is one of the most authentic visions of internet discussion I’ve ever seen. Film has often gotten it wrong in the past. It stems from filmmakers who have no idea what an internet forum looks like trying to present it to other people who have even less of a clue. I don’t mind subtitles and when they’re integrated into a film as elegantly as this it can only help the film’s sense of immersion. The film stars some up and comers who you don’t get to see much of in big budget productions like this. Although, I will admit I became less interested when I started seeing faces I recognized, but it is nice to see Adam Sandler take on a serious role once again. If the film can stick to its convictions and conduct itself in silence throughout, without making it seem contrived, it could have a unique atmosphere unutilised by mainstream American filmmaking.