Trailer Watch: Good People

I suspect that if you’re British, like me, this trailer will pose questions for you that people of other nationalities may not consider. For example, why in a predominantly British drama are the two leads American? The film may answer this query better than the trailer does, and I suppose with the multitude of nationalities showcased in this film it might be trying to reflect London’s multicultural nature. But if that is the case, then why choose Americans? Why not choose people from a nationality more prominent in London’s urban landscape, like Muslims or immigrants from the West Indies? I mean, come on, white American is hardly a demographic in desperate need of representation.  And if they moved there because they can’t afford anywhere else, then why did they choose to move to what The Telegraph recently named the most expensive city in the world? But perhaps the most pertinent question is, why am I getting caught up on all these superfluous distractions? Oh yes, it’s because the trailer didn’t give me anything else interesting to talk about.