The Revolution will be Televised travels state side

The Revolution Will Be Televised is the television equivalent of punk rock; anarchic, irreverent and not shy about sharing its opinions on a hypocritical establishment. This time the boys brand of political mischief can’t be contained by our tiny island, so they’ve head out to the United States, where their list of victims has only grown in its prestige and privileged.

So far on their hit list they’ve taken down Bill Clinton, Dennis Rodman, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Samuel L Jackson, Bryan Cranston, Blake Lively, the UN, Coca Cola, Wall Street, Gun Lovers, Pro-Lifers, Google, the whole of Las Vegas and Halliburton and that’s just the US. In the UK the team preys on an unsuspecting Gordon Brown, Theresa May, American Apparel, Nando’s, Wonga, Saatchi, the Premier League and The Sun. Its a wonderful thing to know that while these people, companies and institutions might think they can get away with murder, then satirists like these will always be on hand to take them to task. To bad you can no longer say the same for real journalists.

The Revolution Will Be Televised begins on the 6th of October on BBC Three.