Birmingham’s The Institute, Friday 19th September, Mothxr (Pronounced “Mother”).

On the rebound of an amazing sold out show in the countries capital, Birmingham had a lot to live up to, and due to what can only have been poor promotion, the crowd didn’t exactly pack the room. It must have been ridiculously hard for the bands, especially the first guys- Laranja, who managed to win the “crowd” over with their banter and tunes. Slowly creeping forward the audience were head-bobbing and foot-tapping to second act Mirrorhall, who are a kooky stylish Birmingham four piece which resemble a love child combined from The Police, Morrissey and Arcade Fire..


  Mothxr are different from everyone else around at the minute. The tunes are intense, sensual and fresh, carried by Penn’s deep and smooth vocals. They definitely have their own sound, and along with that they brought a presence and atmosphere to The Institute’s Temple room. With only two songs out, we got fifty minutes of new material but it was all received well, each track following a cohesive “Mothxr” sound pattern, but each still different in it’s own right.

We managed to catch a few words with Mothxr front-man (and TV/Movie star) Penn Badgley, this is what he had to say..

Can you tell us about evolution of the band?
It started as a very open ended idea between myself and Jimmy Giannopoulos (who produced the record), skating, talking shit about music, recording sketches, developing a wavelength we could connect on, but it really took shape when we brought Darren and Simon in the room, to be what it is now–a band. Four of us in the room, together, spontaneously writing & recording, capturing whatever fleeting bits that occur, and distilling it together into the vision we’ve communicated to each other. So it’s very natural and fluid in that sense.

You have three songs available, are they part of an upcoming EP/LP release or are they just tasters of what’s to come?
They are both, and neither. Is that satisfying? They’re a taste, there is more to come, much more. Various forms.

Exciting future plans?
We’ll keep making music and hopefully it will keep people interested–more than anything I hope it keeps us interested.


Dream dinner guest, dead or alive?
Andy Kaufman

Your favourite swear word?

Best excuse you’ve ever used to break up with someone?
Deep seated physio-emotional trauma originating from my birth.

Best day of your life?

Religious, spiritualist, Humanist or none?

Worst thing you’ve ever put in your mouth?
Bad poetry.


Last band you went to see live?

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
A woman.

What would you say if you met the queen?
I would ask her what’s the worst thing she’s ever put in her mouth.

Last time you were starstruck- if never- who would make you starstruck?
Jeff Goldblum.

Weirdest moment of your life?

Would you prefer to only ever whisper or only ever shout?
Whisper whisper.

Who would you like to hear cover your song, and which song?
Aphex Twin. I would leave song choice up to him. I wouldn’t even require him to listen to any of our music.

Big thanks to Penn. Go and listen to “Easy” (at least) now it’s ridiculously catchy! 


By Kimberley Bayliss

Kimberley is Vulture Hound's Live Editor and a Photographer.

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