Queue mellow string-work and soulful vocals teetering on the edge of falsetto. Introducing Chet Faker’s current single ‘Gold’, and its brand new video.

The Australian musician presents a funky but mellow soundtrack to his single-shot music video. The darkened, hipster-clad highway connotes a sense of intimacy, one that Faker’s artistry perhaps matches, as he writes, performs and records all of his own music.

‘Gold’ is slick, with no beat seeming misplaced, and the same can be said for the aforementioned roller-skaters, eerily meandering left and right of the road’s paintwork.

If Chet’s vocals weren’t enough to fully convince you of your emerging love of Faker, Hiro Murai’s video for the track may be the final pleasant straw. The single-shot follows the wheeled three-piece down the highway, until it reaches a somewhat surreal end; Chet appears, seated in a damaged car, immobile, next to a stuffed deer.

This song really is ‘Gold’, as Faker blurs the boundaries of genre with his audible embodiment of cool, and what is this track, if not cool?

Chet has a number of UK and EU shows lined up until late November, so be sure to catch him at one of them, at least, and check out his latest video.