Ok, so here’s a slightly different review from me than usual. This one to make sense has got to be a little about me and therefore in first person, so here we go.. Dear Diary..

We arrived in Nottingham, and laid eyes upon the “Royal” Concert hall, and were shocked to be faced with an ugly, naff eighties structure. We managed to get inside and to our seats without even needing tickets! Two points for Notts RCH!

The show was already in flow as we took our seats, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all right? Well that leaves little to be said about the support acts, aside from that they seemed to amuse the kids that paid to be there. It was a hard sell from the get go for them though to be fair, with the room feeling barren and cold, lacking any atmosphere whatsoever. With three support acts stuffed into 45 mins we then had a 45 min wait until the main act came on, the build up to their arrival being irritatingly announced every sixty seconds over an airport-esque tannoy.

So. The Saturdays come on. The curtains are dropped and it reveals a sparkly step-laden stage, the room is converted into a hive of energy and the crowd go mental. The crowd surprisingly being massively mixed, both men and women of all ages as well as a large scattering of screaming kids… And then me.


I am a cynical twenty-something rock fan, who purposely chooses to do the opposite thing to others at every possible turn of life. The Saturdays are “Pop”-ular, they wear very little clothes, dance provocatively and are commercial and branded and non of that sits well with me. But fuck. They put on a good show! I tried to look at this through the eyes of the little girls all around me, and they were having a ball, I was them once. Pop shows are fun, and (..ignoring said cynicism about breeding images of how women should look and behave..) and sparkly.

The Saturdays put on a truly entertaining show, and they actually can all really sing. Not only that but they performed well, they seem like they properly enjoy being on stage and they interacted naturally with both each other and their dancers which is always nice to see. And I’m no longer ashamed to say, I actually knew a surprising amount of their tracks! Damn it- they’re catchy.

My eyes were drawn to the front row of men that seemed to really be enjoying the show, part of me wonders if they are fans of the music or the girls themselves, but either way- boy they were happy chappies!

Leaving Nottingham in a blaze of glory, The Saturdays electrified the audience at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall, I imagine the little girls present will be jabbering away about the talented girls for weeks to come.


By Kimberley Bayliss

Kimberley is Vulture Hound's Live Editor and a Photographer.