So! Beartooth are back. Caleb Shomo is back. With half of the European tour being in the UK we figure they are aware of the fan movement over here.

No messing about, cutting to the chase- Beartooth are fucking amazing! Birmingham 02 Academy’s smallest room was truly “pumpin”. Caleb is the antithesis of a front-man, except, he’s not the “front” man- he’s the Everything-man, he wrote and recorded the album (almost) entirely single handedly, and that’s why the show was so amazing, because it was intricately personal. He was connected to the audience in an emotive way, sharing his words and experiences through the songs and the crowd feeling it, like they’d lived it. And you could tell how much that meant to Shomo.

band crowd

Caleb is intense, magnetic, and inspiring- a writhing powerhouse. He must be so drained after a show because-man- he leaves it all out there on that stage. He’s so talented, he is a Superstar. Destined to be massive.

Having said all that about Caleb, his supporting band were tight and charismatic in their own right, and watching the show you didn’t get the feeling that this was a solo project, they’re a band performing as a unit.


To not be a dick lets just mention the supports, who were Climates, and Dead Harts who each warmed the crowd up sufficiently, Dead Harts bringing an undeniable energy especially considering Beartooth fans “aren’t really their crowd”. They kick started the energy relay and passed it through to Caleb and the guys flawlessly.

Listen to Beartooth’s debut album “Disgusting” NOW! Tracks of note include “Lines” and “Beaten Lips”. And if they do a show near you- go..

Caleb interview to follow.. Rock on.

By Kimberley Bayliss

Kimberley is Vulture Hound's Live Editor and a Photographer.