Spotlight on Stillbust- EP Launch Party & Euro Tour Warm up – September 4th 2014

  DIY shows are almost a thing of the past these days, however in Gloucester over recent times there has been a small rehearsal room in the middle of a trading estate that has been getting some action.

Stillbust, a local band to the area recently had an EP release party and European Tour warm up show in front of a packed out rehearsal room full of kids supporting their scene. The band which features; Matt Stanley on guitar, Matt Raybould on bass, Ed Hudson on guitar and Niall Jones on drums, have been around for a fair time endlessly playing the UK and Europe and have had a historic stint on Lockjaw Records. They have recently released a new EP ’77 For You (57 For Me)’ on their own label (Matt Records), which is a crushing display of fun, but angry fast punk hardcore for fans of the more complex bands such as Converge and Dillinger Escape Plan all the way through to the straight forward sounds of such hardcore outfits as American Nightmare and Trash Talk.


  I was able to catch up with the two Matt’s after this sweaty show (with Retarded Fish & Stepaside, both from Slovakia and local outfits Sharkface & The Uncharted) in which we saw human pyramids, crowd surfing guitarists and all fun that’s to be expected at a DIY show with no stage, aka just pure chaos!.

Introduce yourself & what do you do in the band?
Matt S: Hi I’m Matt and I play guitar and shout a lot
Matt R: I’m Matt as well and I play bass and have a nicer shouty voice, I’m the harmonies, but we don’t have any harmonies.

So what’s happening in the world of Stillbust?
Matt S: We are about to get in a van and drive to Germany and go on tour – about a 5 hours drive from Calais – No sleep till Mulheim!
Matt R: Basically, just hang out with friends, partying and playing shows really for the next 9 days.
Matt S: We are doing the tour as we have just released a new EP on vinyl on our own record label called Matt Records, which you may have guessed as we are both called Matt.

Are you excited about your new record? Is there anything different to expect from ‘A Few Things We Might Agree On (A Few Things We Might Not)’ which was your first full length on Lockjaw Records?
Matt R: We are releasing it on vinyl! Which is something new for us! None of us even have a vinyl player except our drummer, Niall, so we haven’t even heard it yet!
Matt S: It’s a progression from the album, it’s all a bit weird hardcore with a bit of cheek to it. The songs are a little more complicated, but not for the sake of it. you can tell if something is come, as it normally does.
Matt R: It’s kinda on the fun side of hardcore. We are just fun!

You have a European tour starting tomorrow, what do you most look forward to about being on the road?
Matt R: Touching each other!?
Matt S: There is nothing fun about being on the road, but being in the countries that you end up visiting is rad. This tour is pretty subdued though…
Matt R: Yeah, this is one where I have booked the least amount of shows for, we normally go out for a few weeks and just drive and drive all the way out to Eastern Europe and back again. This one is a lot more manageable. We are going to Germany, Holland, back to Germany, Belgium and France. We have never played Holland and France before either.

Some people may recognise your name from playing the Macbeth Stage at the Groezrock 2014. How was that show and how did that come about?
Matt R: We just signed ourselves up for it and whilst we were recording this EP we received an email saying unfortunately we were not one of the selected 30 bands, so was like OK at least we tried, and then about 3 days later we had an email saying we were first reserve in case a band dropped out… which they did! Then it was the case to get everyone to vote for us in that week, so we did everything we could. We have been to the festival a few times before and said to each other ‘We have to play this festival’.
Matt S: It’s really good as we don’t have a huge fan base and some of the bands in the voting have thousands more fans than us, the support was nice and we came 8th out of 30. The festival itself was nuts, you can not fault the Macbeth team.
Matt R: We were only supposed to be there the first day but they let us stay for the whole weekend
Matt S: They gave us free drinks which was rad, but we don’t really remember much after 4pm, that Belgium beer!
Matt R: Oh man, and the cocktails! By 6 I was passed out on the floor! The best thing about Belgium is that they drink nice beer and you can have chips and mayonnaise!

With the new record out and tour immanent – what’s next for Stillbust?
Matt R: We are playing Frog Fest in Cheltenham which is a local festival – I have my own stage for the night the ‘Dress Down, Get Sweaty’ stage… What does the calender say… (looks at calender on the wall)? It says that we are all going on holidays, well, that’s just me! Oh! We are doing a 4 day long weekend tour with Darko soon too!

Tell us about the time you saw a dead trucker in the snow?
Matt R: Oh, that was me! We were driving from Italy to the Czech Republic, we started from the North West of Italy and kept going. When we started heading into the mountains it just hammered down with snow and our van just couldn’t hack it on the hills. We pulled over and waited for the snowploughs to go past to carry on. About 7am in the morning, there was loads of traffic on a single lane road, there was a jackknifed lorry and all you saw under it was legs and a torso covered in tarpaulin! I was like shit! It wasn’t very cool, everyone was quite sad after that. Then we arrived in the Czech Republic, drunk a beer and forgot all about it!

Quick Fire Round

1. Favourite record of all time?
Matt R: Blakfish – ‘Champions’ is a band collective – we all love it!
Matt S: Some Dillinger Escape Plan album, probably ‘Miss Machine’ – its just one of the best things ever. I don’t know how anyone writes music like that. People call us Math sometimes but it doesn’t even compare!

Favourite band you’ve played with and who are your dream band haven’t your played with that you want to?
Matt B: Blood Brothers are good looking aren’t they? So they are quite dreamy!
Matt S: If I could go on tour with HORSE The Band that would be my life complete, they are easily my most inspirational band ever and the pinnacle of bands doing it for themselves. They did a tour of the world off their own back maxin out as many credit cards as they could.

Favourite movie of all time?
Matt R: Jurassic Park, Toy Story umm Blank Cheque!?
Matt S; I think Old Boy but not the shitty remade version.

If you had a superpower, what would it be and how would you use it?
Matt R: There is an episode of The Simpsons where Bart and Millhouse find a comic written by Comic Book Guy who designed a character called Everyman and he turns in to and gets the powers of every comic book he touches! I think that would be great.

What’s your worst habits on tour? Matt S: Well we are all pretty much just perfect.
Matt R: Matt is diabetic and likes to stab everyone with his insulin needles. Umm, we haven’t toured with Niall yet but he snores like fuck!
Matt S: Ed can’t string a sentence together and tell a story to save his life
Matt R: He’s trouble. Matt likes to get so drunk he becomes obnoxious at times
Matt S: Yeah, I don’t like to become it but its inevitable sometimes.
Matt R: and I’m pretty perfect, I’m like the Dad, with really big balls
Matt S: Fucking hell yeah!

And finally, any final words from you guys? Matt S: Have a look at Matt Records, give us some money so we can release some more stuff, that would be good!
Matt R: We are nice guys really!

I thank Stillbust for their time and the insane show! If you want to check out the band then visit the following:
Facebook: – Bandcamp:
– Matt Records Bandcamp:

By Olly Hanks- Writer/Photographer: New to Vulture Hound

By Olly Hanks

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