Masked Intruder are crazy. Rocking the Lock Up stage with their unique masked colour coded style and positive flavour of Punk/Pop they drew in quite a crowd, in person they keep their identities concealed (they are criminals afterall..) via the aforementioned masks and wonderfully bad fake Brooklyn accents. Pulling faces, striking poses and coming out with brilliant nonsense, we really ended up loving these guys..

You guys have just played Leeds which is a pretty legendary festival, how does that feel?

Intruder Blue: I thought it was amazing, it felt good.

Intruder Green: It was a little muddy.

Intruder Red: It’s turning into Intruder Brown at this point.

Are you planning to catch any other bands whilst you are here?

Intruder Green: We played straight after Pup which is a great band, so we were stoked to see them and I think we are going to hang out for the whole day and try and catch as much as we can.

Intruder Red: Our buddy’s The Flatliners are playing right now I think.

Intruder Green: Oh yeah, we’re missing them- thanks a lot.

Sorry about that! You guys have a few UK gigs coming up, are you pretty stoked for those?

Intruder Blue: Oh absolutely, we love the UK we have a great time here and we like that it’s just two letters in the name and USA is more and it’s so complicated.

Intruder Green: It’s a lot of effort.

Intruder Yellow: Is that how you say it, you just say the letters? I always thought it was Uk.

Intruder Green: There is like an Ukland but that’s in New Zealand or something.

Anyway.. So the new album “M.I.” recently came out on Fat Wreck Chords, how was it working with those guys?

Intruder Blue: It was cool, we grew up listening to Fat Wreck Chords bands. So it was a real honour to join the ranks there, and I tell you what those Fat Wreck guys are real nice. They treat us like a family, which is great because family is very important both in life and in music, and in crime to.


So it’s a little bit like a mob in a sense?

Intruder Blue: That’s what it’s like. The music industry is very much like organised crime, a lot of people don’t talk about that, but it’s true.

Intruder Green: Which is good because organised crime is kind of cool. It’s like regular crime but all organised.

Intruder Blue: It’s like you can picture the difference you’ve got your apartment with a notebook on the floor and your dirty clothes out, but if you pick it up it’s organised so it’s better.

What does the future hold, you’ve got a couple of dates in the UK. Any plans to come back and do more later in the year?

Intruder Blue: We’ve got a few days in the UK after Reading and then we’ve got like a solid week or more towards the end of September.

Speed Round

What would you like to be remembered for?

Intruder Blue: Not going back to prison.

Intruder Green: Most of the things I try to get away with, I would like most people not to remember.

Intruder Blue: Yeah, that’s true. Sometimes it’s better to get in and get out without nobody being any the wiser.

Intruder Green: It’s more about doing the deed, and then nobody remembering because then I can get some free Burritos or whatever.

Intruder Red: You guys got Burritos here, right?

We probably do yes..?!

Intruder Green: You guys have crumpets, those are delicious. I could take some free crumpets.

Intruder Blue: Yeah, that would be nice.

Intruder Green: Speed round, come on!


Dream dinner guest (dead or alive)?

Intruder Green: I’d have to say like Martha Stewart but when she was like 28 or something. She was so beautiful.

Intruder Red: She would be a great dinner guest, because she could make the dinner for you. It’s hard to cook, have you ever tried that before? Cooking? Very difficult to do, Green’s a pretty good cook though. Makes a good toilet wine too!

Intruder Green: I don’t know who’s the prison Burrito master though?

Intruder Red: Could be you.

Intruder Green: Could be me, I’ll put my hat in the ring.

How long do you spend in-front of mirror?

Intruder Red: We know we look good, so there’s not much reason.

Intruder Green: When you wear a mask you always look handsome.

Favourite swear word?

Intruder Blue: Shit.

Intruder Green: Fuck. I thought you were saying shit because you were stumped.

Intruder Red: I like fuck, you use fuck more. Like “Oh fuck” or “This fucking guy” but you don’t say “This shitting guy” unless there is a dude that’s shitting. Then you’d be like “This fucking shitting guy..”

Best excused you’ve used to break up with somebody?

Intruder Green: Why would you break up with somebody?

Intruder Red: You’ve got to be with somebody before you break up with them.

Intruder Blue: We never get the ladies to like us that much, I don’t know what it is.

Religious, spiritualist, humanist or none?

Intruder Blue: What?

Intruder Red: He doesn’t know that many words that end in ‘ist’ except for pissed like “I’m getting pissed.”

Intruder Green: Spirits as in like “It was a ghosstt?”

Intruder Blue: No we’re not religious, but we like humans. We think humans are a good thing.

Intruder Green: Or they can be, they can also be pretty terrible especially the lady ones.

Worst thing you’ve ever put in your mouth?

Intruder Blue: We’ve been to prison.

Intruder Green: Yeah, lets leave it at that. Speed round, please!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Intruder Blue: A robber, like a criminal.

Intruder Red: A getaway driver.

Intruder Green: I like that organised crime thing we were talking about earlier, so it would be cool to be more organised.

Intruder Blue: Or a musician.

Intruder Green: Yeah, that’s cool as well.

Intruder Red: That was always plan B.


What would you say if you met the Queen?

Intruder Green: (Slowly) “Hi, how are you doing?”

Intruder Red: “Can I get your phone number?”

Intruder Blue: She’s beautiful, maybe past her prime just a little bit..

Intruder Red: “Would you like to get some spaghetti with me?”

Intruder Green: She seems like a nice lady.

Weirdest day of your life?

Intruder Blue: That one time I met the Queen I guess.

Intruder Red: I’m going to have to go with an answer we’ve given before, we’ve been to prison.

Intruder Green: Are you going to help us meet the Queen, is that what this is leading up to?

Intruder Red: Do you know her?


Would you prefer to only ever whisper or shout?

Intruder Red: Shout!!

Intruder Blue: I’d prefer only to shout.

Intruder Green: Yeah, because I don’t hear so good sometimes. So I don’t hear unless people are shouting at me.

Intruder Blue: Plus when you are whispering it’s creepy, it’s like “Urgh, get the fuck out of my ear” you know?

Intruder Red: It’s better for breaking and entering.

Intruder Blue: Just for communicating with each other, yeah.


Who would you like to hear cover one of your songs, and which song?

Intruder Blue: I would like to hear Katy Perry cover one of our songs, because I would like to make out with her. But which song? Ladies choice, which ever one.

Intruder Green: Maybe “I Wish You Were Mine”, because then she’d be singing that to you.

Intruder Blue: We’ve got a lot of love songs though, so any of them. But not like “The Most Beautiful Girl”, because I know I’m not that.

Thanks to Masked Intruder for the most jaw-achingly funny yet awkward interview ever!

(Even though present Intruder Yellow does not speak, and the Security Officer is a man of few words, we understand keeping these guys in order must be exhausting..)