If these guys are on the bill you know they are going to come and bring carnage with them, yet they’re some of the nicest, funniest guys you’d hope to meet.. Here is what they had to say when we caught up with them at Leeds Festival ..

So unfortunately we missed it today, but how did the set go?

Paul: What do you mean you didn’t see it? Fuck this! (Laughs)

Jonny: It was basically the best set anyone has ever played. On twitter @littlebabe63 said “They just tore Leeds festival a new anus, omgz”

Paul: Oh my godzz. No, it was definitely an interesting one for us. I’ve got some new toys, the new toys didn’t quite work properly. Matt snapped a guitar in half, by putting down!

Jonny: He literally put it on the floor.

Paul: When Matt snaps a guitar in half usually it is thoroughly deserved likes he’s thrown it and it lands on its head or something. But his was one of those unfortunate ones where like if you were in your living room and your guitar fell over and the head snapped off, it was one of them.

Jonny: You know what the really good thing about today was?

Paul: We faced adversity and beat it?

Jonny: Yeah, because everything of mine worked and my stuff is always sort of breaking.

Paul: Although I didn’t get to use my wireless, I was still awesome and I still played every note. Apart from when I pulled my bass line.

Jonny: That isn’t a euphemism for penis.

Paul: I actually unplugged my bass.

So what does the future hold? You’re touring with Feed the Rhino..

Paul: Yes, in October we are opening for Feed the Rhino and then Night Verses are playing after us, it is going to be nuts.

Jonny: We are all going to die, at some point!

Paul: I would love to reel you a list of dates off, but I can’t.

Jonny: 16th to the 24th October.

Paul: They are the dates, can’t tell you which venues Southampton, London!

Jonny: Southampton is the last date, London is on the 17th and Southampton is on the 24th.

Paul: We will be having the 25th off work so we can party with all our Southampton friends.

Jonny: Tell them that!

Paul: Apart from that the future bills an album, which we are bringing forth from creation and it shall be released early next year. Hopefully February or March.


Speed Round

What would you like to be remembered for?

(After some slight confusion explaining the basis of the question.)

Paul: Playing a bass that it is on fire, and not getting third degree burns.

Jonny: I’d like to be remembered for being really bad at speed rounds.

Dream dinner guest (dead or alive)?

Jonny: Dead! (Not quite getting it again, but ok!)

Paul: John Paul Jones. Or all of Mongol Horde (who are sitting behind us being interviewed).

How long do you spend in-front of the mirror?

Paul: What’s a mirror?!

Favourite swear word?

Paul: Cunt.

Jonny: Fuck.

Best excuse you’ve ever used to break up with someone?

Jonny: “I want to be in a band so I can’t go out with you any more.” Guess what? I just got another girlfriend afterwards, and apparently it’s fine!

Best day of your life?

Paul: Today, because you should always live for the day.

Jonny: Everyday.

Religious, spiritualist, humanist or none?

Jonny: Scientist.

Paul: Bov’erd?

Worst thing you’ve ever put in your mouth?

Jonny: Penis.

Paul: How do you follow that?

Jonny: The drummer from Palm Reader’s penis.

Paul: Christ did you actually?

Jonny: Yes!

Paul: Are you sure it wasn’t when John Poole pissed in your mouth?

Jonny: No, I pissed in his mouth.

Paul: Oh right, of course that was it.


Last band you went to see live?

Jonny: Neck Deep? No, You Me At Six whilst we were walking over here.

Through choice..?

Jonny: Well we chose to walk here, so You Me At Six..

Paul: I don’t go to gigs unless I’m playing them.

Jonny: When does this come out? Probably Mongol Horde.

Paul: What about Every Time I Die?

Jonny: Well they play first, then it’s Let Live then Mongol Horde. So Mongol Horde.

(They’re trying to figure out the line-up of the day and who they will have seen last when this goes up..!)

Paul: All three of them, at the same time.

Jonny: Every Time I Live Mongol?

Paul: Let Mongol Die!

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

Jonny: A palaeontologist, next question.

Paul: Policeman.

What would you set if you met the Queen?

Jonny: Fuck you!

Last time you were starstruck?

Jonny: About four seconds ago when Frank Turner started talking to us.

Weirdest moment of your life?

Paul: I don’t know, genuinely when you get to play festivals like this.

Jonny: First time I shat blood was pretty weird.

Paul: I pissed blood, that wasn’t nice. Basically blood coming out of any orifice that it shouldn’t come out of, is pretty weird. And it wasn’t an STD before you think that.

Jonny: Yeah, he’s just found out it has been confirmed.

Paul: It was a urinary tract infection.

Jonny: Aids free!

Which band would you like to cover one of your songs, and which song?

Jonny: I would like to hear..

Paul: I would like Queens of the Stone Age to cover “Powerboat Disaster”.

Jonny: Who’s the guy who does the covers..? Weird Al Yankovic. He could cover whatever he wanted.

Paul: Oh yeah! Have you heard his latest range of songs he did?

Jonny: Otherwise known as an album?

Paul: No, because he did eight songs in eight days or something.

Go out on a bang boys! Ha. Thanks to Weird Al fans.. Baby Godzila!

(This was in fact interview attempt number two after our time with Baby Godzilla at Y Not Festival turned into pure chaos! So bravo for forced professionalism! (Pictures from Y Not not Leeds) )