Horror Films can often be hit and miss due to their lack of ability to scare the audience. Sometimes, mixing traits from other genres can transform the film from scary to outrageously crazy which can be much more enjoyable to watch. So are you ready for a film that will make you laugh out loud, revel in the action and recoil in disgust at the same time? If the answers yes then why not give the tongue ‘n’ cheek comedy horror Evil Feed a taste! 

Set in China town ‘The Long Pig’ is an underground Chinese restaurant with a twist, and with the secret password ‘you are what you eat’ to get in, it’s not hard to guess the type of dining experience on offer. Serving up human flesh in their cuisine, the restaurant sources it produce by means of an illegal fighting ring. Kidnapped martial artists must fight for their lives or face becoming chopped meat. With dishes such as ‘Special Chow Brain’ or the house special ‘Dicky roll’ it is safe to say that these recipes are not for the faint hearted.

After having their sensei and two of their crew kidnapped, a group of young martial artists set to break into the restaurant to seek revenge. They immediately learn that this is no normal restaurant with each member becoming part of the gruesome ‘tendertainment’.

From the start you are constantly reminded that Evil Feed is not a film to be taken seriously. With its mix of over the top gore, odd character names such as ‘Mr Phat Phuk’, unnecessary nudity, crazy martial arts and comedic over acting, this could sound like a true recipe for disaster. But actually, all these aspects work extremely well as a homage to grindhouse cinema, producing a film that falls into the it’s so bad that it’s good category. This film is definitely something that will be enjoyed by groups of friends together and could quite easily gain its own cult status in years to come due to its pure ridiculousness! 

Something that cannot be overlooked about Evil Feed is that it is Kimani Ray Smith’s debut feature film as director. Smith is known for his choreography and stunt coordination work on such films as Watchmen and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It is easy to see that Smith has used these skills from previous work to create sequences in Evil Feed. The impressive fight scenes throughout the film are undoubtedly what make it such a pleasure to watch as they are choreographed with such high quality. 

Alyson Bath’s performance is also one of the main highlights of the film and it is obvious that she took a lot of delight in playing the role. Bath transforms herself into character Yuki the nymphomaniac green-eyed girlfriend of Steven, played superbly by Terry Chen, the owner of the restaurant. She plays the role with a hellish charm that is perfect and is very reminiscent of iconic Harley Quinn from DC Comics. One particularly prominent sequence involving Yuki is so shockingly disgusting and horrific that you will not be able to look away.

So if you think you can stomach the gore, enjoy some good old fighting scenes and have a great laugh at a bit of random comedy, why not organise a movie night with your mates to watch Evil Feed – you will not be disappointed! 

Evil Feed is now available on demand and digital courtesy of Solo Media.