Fancy a feel good comedy for your next DVD night? Then why not try Blended which follows two very different families who are thrown together on one crazy holiday. Packed with a great mix of moments that will make you laugh out loud but also warm your heart, this film is not to be missed! 

Blended follows protagonist Jim Friedman (Adam Sandler), an immature father who is raising three daughters after being widowed. Jim is set up on a blind date with control freak Lauren Reynolds (Drew Barrymore) a single mother of two crazy boys, who organises other people’s closets for a living. They both nervously agree to attend the date in an attempt to get them back into the dating game. However the dates goes from bad to worse when Jim takes them to Hooters and the pair end up leaving each other on really bad terms. 

After a few coincidental awkward meetings between Jim and Lauren the pair become part of a crazy turn of events after both families take up the offer of a free holiday. On arrival at their destination they find themselves shocked as they realise they are all on a family trip to Africa together. 

The biggest highlight within the film is the undeniable chemistry between Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler who are back together for a third time on screen. Frank Coraci also directed The Wedding Singer, the first film in which we saw the two together and absolutely loved them. So it is clear that some seriously clever character casting was in the mix when they enlisted this particular pairing. The love story between the two just seems to work, you find yourself frustrated and there is sweetness about their relationship which just cannot be ignored. 

Some of Sandler’s recent films such as Jack and Jill and That’s My Boy have been rather questionable in their comedy attempts. The honest truth is they just weren’t that funny; however it does seem that Blended is the film to take the first steps in getting Sadler’s comedy presence back in the right direction.
Something which makes this film enjoyable is the way in which the comedy performances are spread between all the characters, rather than relying solely on Sandler’s character for all the comedic gags which is the norm in his older films. In doing this the film is able to inject hints of drama and explore sensitive issues which add more depth to the characters. In particular are some really touching scenes between Jim and his youngest daughter Lou as they talk about missing their deceased wife/mother and also between Lauren and Hilary as they form a motherly bond.

A special mention must also go out to Terry Crews whose performance as Nickens is absolutely superb and is undoubtedly part of what makes the film. Nickens works at the hotel as the lead singer of the hotels band who like to serenade their guests at spontaneous moments. His scenes are random yet hysterical and will get you laughing just like in his role as Latrell in White Chicks.  

Blended would be great for anyone looking to watch something which is extremely light hearted and also someone who enjoys over the top, in your face comedy. The perfect audience would probably be families with older children (pre/early teens) as they could enjoy the slightly adult comedy together and the teens would probably find the issues that the kids in the film face relatable.

Whilst Blended may not have been regarded positively by critics in the beginning, it is actually a really good laugh and with its DVD release this should prove that as a film it has been extremely underestimated. 

Blended is available on Blu-Ray and DVD from 29th September 2014.