Y Not Festival 2014, Why Not Indeed…

Y Not came into the Festival world as a small local BBQ for 120 people, and has grown since 2005 into a four stage, four day, funfair, boasting an extravaganza easily comparable to big festivals from Sonisphere to Reading/Leeds. Which is amazing considering it was one guys house party that started it all…

Still, keeping the intimacy of it’s modest beginnings, Y Not Festival 2014 exuded an exhilarating atmosphere that in part was down to the location- the jaw dropping, mountainous Peak District of Derbyshire. In addition to that, this kooky local festival rustled up some great artists, selecting from each area of musical success- Established, New and Up-and-Comers. The Headliners were Dizzy Rascal, The Fratellis and Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls. Leading the heavy weights pack by a mile was Frank Turner, a unique talent who stands alone with his acoustic honesty and audible vibrancy. He came with a phenomenal finale to the weekend, with lights and pyro in tow.

Andrew WK

On the festivals biggest indoor stage. The Quarry,Reel Big Fish, British Sea Power and Newton Faulkner all inspired crowds, but RBF ruled as ever. They are gaining a massive following in the UK, and always draw huge crowds with their ridiculously fabulous flavour of ska-punk, whilst Faulkner brought an intimacy which was poignant and profound.

The Giant Squid Stage is billed as “Heavy, loud, experimental, hardcore, metal, prog, rad” and that’s exactly what it delivered. The Squid was the place to be, with Headliners Andrew WK, The Blackout, and Cerebral Ballzy. The Blackout were addictive and as amazing as ever, whilst Andrew WK brought an odd new flavour that left many audience members puzzelled to say the least. The true stars of The Squid were the support bands. To name just a few: Baby Godzilla were insatiable, irrepressible and insane, Nordic Giants were wonderfully weird, Empire brought classy classic rock, and Lonely The Brave arrived as relative unknowns and left as rock stars.

Frank Turner

The last of the official stages (the event also included two bars that included live music but not on a stage per-say) was The Allotmen. Themed like the top of a Granddads garden, this was the place to go to check out small, local talent; seedling bands if you will. The stars of the stage here were 5 Days of November, an interesting young duo which carry the sound and impact of a full five piece band. Exile84 brought good old classic rock sounds to a packed house, while Midlands favourites Tilted Smile were energetic and original. Finally, Follow You Home hit the Allotment stage, a highlight for some as the band will soon be going their separate ways.

The run down on this year’s festival includes; awesome foods but terrible prices; Baby Godzillaperforming on top, inside and outside of their stage’s tent; Dizzy Rascal’s performance being an audience let-down; The Fratellis threatening to leave the stage due to a full beer can hitting Jon on the head; Ella Eyre was ill and The First couldn’t make it. Also random events such as; pushchair hijacking, drunken mud-wrestling, dancing security guards and finally photographers told to put their cameras down, dance and enjoy! (By De La Soul)

The Blackout

Y Not left crowds dizzy, exhausted and muddy with a Cheshire Cat-esq grin stretching across their faces. Y Not? There are no excuses, miss 2015 and miss out.