Trailer Watch: The Homesman

Whenever reading an interview with Tommy Lee Jones he seems to come across as an incredibly serious man of letters. In the past some of his acting choices haven’t necessarily reflected this – Man of the House, Volcano, Men in Black II, to name a few. In recent years though, and especially with his first feature film piece, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, he has not been afraid to stick to a more thought-out and subtle approach. A modern-day Western, many deemed Three Burials to be a masterwork when it was released back in 2005. But some were put off by its scatter-shot narrative and languid pacing.

So nearly a decade later, Jones returns to the big screen directing and starring in The Homesman.

A Western, this time set in the old west that we love so dear from the movies, The Homesman focuses on Jones’ character George Briggs. After being saved from a hanging by Hilary Swanks’ Mary Bee Cuddy, he is given the task of transporting three mentally ill women from Nebraska and Iwoa.

Whilst still serious in tone, the film looks to feature a bit more deadpan humour than Three Burials, as Jones’ plays dead-pan as only he can. He truly is a man made for the old west and he looks on top form here. The film’s visual look is sparse but sweeping, and looks to be a slow burner of a road-trip. Also featuring Meryl Streep, William Fitchner, John Lithgow, Mirando Otto, James Spader and Tim Black Nelson, it’s looking a proposition well worth agreeing to. Have a look at the trailer below.

We get to see it in the UK when it’s released on Nov 21st