The Great Train Robbery: A Tale Of Two Thieves (Film Preview)

I certainly had no idea about this, but August 8th sees the 51st Anniversary of The Great Train Robbery. You know, the incident where a crew of 15 men stopped and boarded a Royal Mail train in Buckinghamshire, making off the equivalent of £48 million in the process. It’s the event that gave us the film Buster, and brought Ronnie Biggs back into the popular conscious.

The gang were all identified and for the most part captured. However, there was always the mysterious “Ulsterman”. Believed to be a former train driver with insider knowledge of the system that allowed the gang to execute the heist. He was never caught, his identity remain a secret, though it’s believed he made off with £5 million.

The Great Train Robbery: A Tale Of Two Thieves promises to reveal the identity of the “Ulsterman” when it hits cinemas in October, and DVD and On Demand on October 6th.


The documentary features an interview with Gordon Goody, former hairdresser and one of the gang of thieves, who provides details about the identity of “Ulsterman”, along with details about the heist itself and a robbery at Heathrow Airport.

Directed by Chris Long (Executive Producer of The Mentalist), the film aims to transport viewers back to a world where criminals lived and died by a code. Long says of the film This story could never happen now. Meeting Goody was a fantastic, powerful experience and he has an unbelievable presence. Characters like him don’t exist anymore, and after shunning the public for a very long time, he and I felt that there had been an enormous amount said about this historic crime, and not by him. He was concerned whether “The Irishman” was dead, and this film is his chance to set the record straight.”

The film is released through Signature Entertainment.

By Michael Dickinson

Michael is the VultureHound Film Editor.